Master Kao (masterkao) wrote in mangaaddicts,
Master Kao

A Quick Update....

Viz has officially announced that it has bought the rights to distribute "Angel Sanctuary" and "Hana Zakari No Kimitachi E" domestically. Both titles are expected to be released in the Spring of 2004 in a bimonthly format.

The U.S. Weekly Comics Magazine "Raijin" has officially announced that it will be pushing back it's release schedule indefinitely and be a monthly magazine from here on out due to printing problems and mediocre subscription rates. The long term affect that this will have on Raijin's Graphic Novel release schedule are not yet clear.

News has been few and far between about Dark Horses older titles, especially in the wake of the ever approaching release dates of what are sure to be very popular sellers(Berserk, for example, which will be hitting shelves on October 15). Information about the whereabouts of Blade of the Immortal, however, have been released...the 13th volume, "Fallfrost" will be in stores on December 31st and the 14th volume, tenatively titled "Mirrors of the Soul" will arrive in August of 2004.

The second volume of Cannon God Exxaxion (Sp?) arrived with little fanfare, but was recently released in spite of rumors that the Dark Horse execs had put the series on a potentially permanent hiatus.

That's it for now.

-Le Bread
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