Jen (ritalingirl) wrote in mangaaddicts,

Only *I* Seem to update! The show must go on...

TokyoPop has obtained the titles that follow:

The Demon Ororon
Gouhou Drug
RG Veda

TokyoPop has also gotten some CLAMP titles:

The Legend of Chun Hyang
The One I Love

ViZ Strikes again, getting the anime AND manga, Saikano. Expect the manga's first volume to be released in June, 2004.

I will be looking forward to DNAngel!
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any news on when Paradise Kiss 5 will be gracing us with its devious presence? i'm dying here!
To the extent of my knowledge, Ai hasn't even written it yet =|
AWWWW!! =X_X= I have all of RG Veda in japanese! That's one of CLAMP's earlier manga. if people keep translating manga I have, at this rate I'll never have to buy manga in strait japanese again. =^_^=;;
hey i was looking to maybe join the community, or ask someone to do a post for me. i just wanted to try and get some more readers for my online comic and get some opinions.

Hey there!
Just wanted to write and say "Thanks" for the update regarding Tokyopop! I LOVE that company (in fact, I'm going to try and send them stuff for their manga competition this upcoming year).
Have you started reading Hot Gimmick at all?Normally my fandom is reserved for Peach Girl, but I think Hot Gimmick is far surpassing that!
Any comments on a Manga like Card Captor Sakura.

I think that has to be my all-time favourite series and everytime I browse through the shelves at my local store I can't seem to find anything good.
I never completed the manga series, but it's defiantly one of the very few decent, or just above mediocre, CLAMP titles out there. ^_^

No other manga I know of come to mind that is like that... =| Someone once mentioned to me of an anime called "One" that is almost like it, not sure about a manga release though.
Ok. Thanks for the help!
Hello, yes i am new, My favorites so far are inuyasha, full metal alchemist, hellsing, witch hunter robin, and vampire hunter d... i have a question if i may, in japan there are 40 mangas for inuyasha, and apparently a lot more happens than in the series.. Does anyone know where i could get those, since the us only has 23, i would love to be able to find them translated.
I am trying to post something here, but I can't... Why?